Winter Retreat 2018

January 12-14, 2018 we had our Winter Retreat: Unhindered!  40 students from 5 campuses gathered to share in fellowship and good food.  Speaker Jonathan Mitchell taught on Unhindered Discipleship, Community, and Future, while Nathan Tuley of Pioneer Bible Translators shared his story and explained our role in Unhindered Missions.  For more on Nathan or to help support him, visit his page on Pioneer’s website.  Read some of our students’ stories below for more!

Marisa Jordan
Missouri Western State




Marisa Jordan

The 2018 Winter Retreat focused around the premise of being ‘Unhindered’ (Acts 28:31). Throughout the weekend, we discussed the meaning of unhindered, what unhindered missions and community look like, and we talked about an unhindered future.
My favorite session this weekend was when Nathan from Pioneer Bible Translators shared his story about how he (as an IT guy), has used his talents and gifts to further the kingdom of God through his personal struggles and PBT. This session really worked on me because over the last year or so, I have struggled trying to figure out how I can further the kingdom and glorify God in my chosen career in physical therapy. When I was younger, I wanted to be a missionary that traveled the world (I still want to travel the world), but I know now that I can be a missionary right here, right now where I am already.
I love retreats. Being able to get away for the weekend and meeting new friends, and meeting up with old friends and just being together, worshiping Jesus and getting to know each other even more throughout the weekend.

Ashton Henggeler
Northwest Missouri State University

Ashton Henggeler

What does it mean to be unhindered? During winter retreat, that was our focus, finding out what it means to be unhindered and how to become that way. Winter retreat could not have come at a better time. The first week of classes after a long winter break is always confusing and this semester did not seem like it was off to a great start by the fourth day in. Once Friday rolled around, I was already exhausted from classes that week, but I was still excited to get to go and have fellowship with others as a way to get away.
This retreat was so much more than just a fun time away from school. I met so many amazing new people from different colleges, with really just one thing in common- we all loved Jesus. I may not remember every verse recited or song sung, but what really stuck with me was the thought of being unhindered in your relationship with God.
One of the things that we focused on was the things that hinder us. I think that many people automatically think of their sin and other bad things, myself included, but the speaker brought up one point that made an impression – what if it is the comfortable things that are hindering you? What if it is the easy things that lull you into a false sense of security and make you stop growing in Christ? It can be easy to grow complacent when everything seems to be going your way, but one of the things that stressed is that being a Christian means that you are constantly growing in your relationship with Christ.
The entire weekend was filled with amazing moments that helped me to see how my life has been going, and helped to motivate me to get it on the right path again. Going on this retreat was kind of a spur of the moment decision that I didn’t really let myself think too hard about before winter break, but I am so glad that I decided to go and let God work in my life through the people that I met and listened to.

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